Friday, March 27, 2020

Reason #1 To Use Mortgages with Hannah:
Get Independent Advice On Your Financial Options

As an independent mortgage agent, I am not tied to any one lender or range of products. My goal is to help you successfully finance your home or investment property.

What Does The Process Look Like?

I’ll start by getting to know you and your home ownership goals. Then I will speak with my 20+ lenders to find you some options, and come back to you with a recommendation that matches your needs.

What Do I Do?

You complete the mortgage application once, you submit your supporting documents once, you tell your story once, you share your goals once, and I pull your credit once. Then you go back to work while I shop!

The Bottom Line?

Gone are the days when you go lender to lender to lender and shop around, repeating your story and having your credit pulled multiple times. My job is to give you access to the best mortgage products, while making the process easy for you.

Gone are the days when the financial advisor sells you on the only product they have access to. With 20+ lenders and over 100 products, and terms you truly are getting the best mortgage for your short and long term goals.

What are you waiting for? Reach out today and see how easy your next mortgage can be.

​Hannah Stojanovski, Mortgage Agent License # M08008004
Capital Lending Centre License # 12830
Office: (289) 608-7185
305 - 230 Westney Rd S, Ajax ON L1S 7J5

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